Two Madison Companies Complicit in Constructing Georgia’s “Cop City”

By the People’s Green New Deal Working Group Sign our petition to tell TranSmart and Corporate Services Company to divest. TranSmart and Corporation Services Company (CSC), based in Madison, are a couple of the hundreds of subcontractors and institutions nationwide that are contributing to the construction of Atlanta’s Cop City project. We are asking TranSmart… Continue reading Two Madison Companies Complicit in Constructing Georgia’s “Cop City”

Poverty as a Tool

Poverty is a form of control. This is something that’s deeply impactful, but is rarely, if ever, directly stated. There is a substantial body of work written about the ways people can become impoverished, what poverty does to the people living through it, or how those in poverty are exploited. These are the trees that… Continue reading Poverty as a Tool

Wisconsin Isn’t a Democracy

Sam Spyra It is no secret that Wisconsin’s electoral maps are unfairly drawn. In fact, many have suggested that Wisconsin should be a much bluer state than it currently is; however, due to unfair map drawing and a state supreme court working with the legislature, our state remains controlled by republicans. At least when it… Continue reading Wisconsin Isn’t a Democracy


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