Forward, Comrades: Line 3, Pride and No F35’s

This week Co-hosts Jen and Tessa introduce the Madison Area DSA, Forward, Comrades. The episode highlights a letter from front line organizers against Line 3, an update on the F-35s, and info about an upcoming drag march. Check out Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin for more info and join the march on Saturday 6/26/21 at 2pm. Check out Sunny Ray Creations and join the Drag March on Sunday at 2pm. The podcast closes with a list of upcoming events and a few things to check out around town.

Listen to the Podcast here.

Juneteenth Link: Angela Davis on The History of Juneteenth and How We Should Commemorate it Today

Line 3: 

Donate to the bail fund for the approximately 200 water protectors arrested this week:

To learn about other opportunities to join in protecting our water at or 

Music by Luis Perez. Logo by Avalon 

Letter from Gina Peltier, read on Pod by Jen

Dear Madison Area

Monday was a day that touched my heart. 

For seven years, my community, the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) people of Northern Minnesota, and our allies have been fighting against the construction of the Line 3 tar sands pipeline, a terrible threat to our treaty rights, water and climate. 

But this week more than two thousand water protectors came together in Northern Minnesota to stand side by side with frontline Indigenous leaders in resisting this dangerous project. 

  • About two hundred were arrested taking nonviolent direct action to protect our water and treaty rights. 
  • Others are currently holding space, upholding our treaty rights at the spot where the pipeline is slated to cross the Mississippi headwaters. 

Now we need YOUR help.  

As I write this many water protectors are still in jail. And the Biden administration still needs more pressure to honor treaty rights and science by stopping the construction of this dangerous pipeline. 

Here is how you can help: 

  1.   Call President Biden. Call the White House and Climate Office of Gina McCarthy by dialing: 888-724-8946. Tell them: “President Biden must honor the treaties and protect our climate by stopping the Line 3 tar sands pipeline now.”
  2.   Help free the water protectors: 
  • Donate to the bail fund for the approximately 200 water protectors arrested this week:
  • Demand justice: During a peaceful protest water protectors were buzzed with a low flying Homeland Security helicopter and attacked with an LRAD sound cannon. Some have been held for up to 20 hours without being booked and denied prescription medications. Contact Minnesota’s Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General to demand that the water protectors be treated fairly and released now.
  1.   Join us. Since Monday afternoon, a beautiful, growing community has sprung up at the landing where Enbridge plans to drill under the Mississippi. Last night we named it “LeSalle—Camp Fire Light.” We need more people to camp with us to protect the Mississippi and all living things. Learn more at the Rise Coalition Facebook page where you can send a direct message for more information. 

Here is why we needed to take action: 

The Enbridge corporation’s Line 3 tar sands pipeline project would expand the production of one of the world’s dirtiest fuels–tar sands crude oil–through 200 bodies of water in our treaty territory. These are lands where we have the right to hunt, fish and gather the sacred manoomin (wild rice). In the face of climate catastrophe, it would carry the carbon impact of 50 new coal plants. 

Over the past seven years youth, Indigenous leaders, community groups, scientists and tribal governments have fought this project. The state of Minnesota’s own Commerce Department has joined tribal governments and others in a pending lawsuit saying this project is not needed. 

But big money talks loudly and the Trump administration and state regulators let the project go through, without a proper Environmental Impact Statement taking into account treaty rights or climate change. 

Please contact President Biden today at 888-724-8946. Then do what you can to support the water protectors—or better yet, join us. 

Seeing people from all over, every color, age and religion, Native and non-Native, put their bodies on the line this week told me we can win. 

Miigwech (thank you),

Gina Peltier, Water Protector

Organizer, Honor the Earth

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