Calling on Senator Baldwin to Stop Supporting Endless Defense Spending

It is time for U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin to take a stand against bottomless defense budgets.

The American public was misled from the start about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a nation, we spent trillions of dollars on two decades of needless fighting that destabilized the Middle-East and killed, injured, and traumatized millions, including thousands of American veterans who continue to suffer.

In addition, we are seeing the climate crisis unfold in real-time. The U.S. military is a major contributor to climate change, which is undeniably responsible for the extreme weather that is devastating the country from coast to coast. At the same time, climate change is upending ecosystems in a way that will increase our susceptibility to future pandemics.

Meanwhile, more people are falling into poverty than any time in recent American history. Here in Wisconsin, we continue to carry the shameful title of the worst state in the nation for Black children to grow up in.

Despite these facts, there has been no accountability from elected officials in Washington to better regulate our outrageous military spending that crowds out much-needed domestic investment in healthcare, jobs, and climate resilient infrastructure. Unfortunately this includes Wisconsin’s own U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin.

Send a letter via Action Network here.

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