A banner that reads End the Stigma! Strike the ban! Abortion on Demand Without Apology

Socialist Feminist Demands for Liberation

by the Socialist Feminist Contingent of the Bans Off Our Bodies March

The following statement and list of demands were crafted by members of the Socialist Feminist Contingent that will march together at the October 2 Bans Off Our Bodies March in defense of abortion access. We crafted this statement to offer a more expansive vision of liberation and reproductive justice than is usually on offer from liberal feminist organizations and reproductive rights groups, one that connects to the long-term aims of socialists. Our contingent includes members of Madison Area DSA, Socialist Alternative’s Madison branch, union members, and other unaffiliated activists. Come march with us! You can find us at Library Mall tomorrow starting at 12:45 – just look for the banner in the above photo.

As socialist feminists, we are committed to reproductive justice as understood from an anti-capitalist, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-ableist perspective. For us, that means not just fighting for crumbs from mainstream politicians and nonprofits, but demanding more. We expand our fight to include both the right to abortion on demand and without restriction and the right to raise children we choose to have in a world that is free of oppression in all its forms. As articulated by Black feminists for decades, we affirm and commit to the belief that issues of reproductive freedom impact all people, and we reject any framework that exclusively focuses on cis white American women. The rights of trans people, BIPOC, and those impacted by US imperial politics and the global gag order on abortion access are central to our politics. We know that this struggle does not end with this march, and there is much more to do. We need to fight for a socialist transformation of society where working people have control over our bodies, communities, schools, and workplaces. We invite you to march with us on October 2nd, and to connect and organize with us moving forward. Our demands include, but are not limited to:

  • Protect and expand Roe v. Wade and Repeal the Hyde Amendment; free, safe, and legal abortion on demand without apology
  • Strike the abortion ban that has been in Wisconsin law since 1849
  • Trans-inclusive Medicare For ALL, including reproductive care and gender affirming care. 
  • Free, Universal Childcare 
  • Racial justice and reparations
  • Economic justice and workers’ rights, including strong unions, equal pay for all, compensation for domestic reproductive labor, and paid parental leave
  • Overturn state barriers to reproductive choices: for the right not to have children as well as the right to have children when you choose, in a safe, healthy world free of oppression
  • Fully funding social services to provide resources and assistance to working people and families
  • Tax the rich to fully fund free, quality public education from preschool through college
  • Robust sexual education for all students
  • No to caged kids, forced assimilation, & child welfare abuses. Reparations to indigenous peoples for the horrific abuses of boarding and residential schools.

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