Quadren Wilson Statement

The Abolitionist Working Group of the Madison Area Democratic Socialists of America (MADSA) stands in solidarity with Quadren Wilson and his family as they reel and recover from the horrific abuse they have endured at the hands of the DCI (Department of Criminal Investigation). The nature of this so-called “arrest” is extremely disturbing.  On Thursday, February 3rd on Madison’s Far East Side, two unmarked vehicles sandwiched Quadren’s vehicle in the middle of traffic- jeopardizing safety for everyone in the vicinity.  Officers immediately jumped out and began shooting at Quadren.  It is an embarrassment and a disgrace that the law enforcement officials ambushed and shot Quadren multiple times; and on top of this; refused to keep the family in the loop about care and condition.  It is completely unprecedented to “arrest” someone in this manner. We as members of the Madison community demand answers and swift consequences of this egregious misconduct and absolute abuse of power.

Traffic Camera Footage showing the aftermath of Officers ambushing Quadren Wilson

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