Voter Guide Partisan Primary 2022: August 9th

Partisan primary

The election will be held Tuesday, August 9 2022 and is a partisan primary. You are allowed to vote for primary candidates in only one political party. Near the top of your ballot, you will see an option to select a party preference. While this is optional, it’s highly recommended that you mark your party preference to ensure your ballot isn’t rejected!

Your ballot is completely secret, so no one but you will know which party primary you chose to vote in.

Though running as socialists on the Democratic Party ballot line remains controversial, the Electoral Politics Working Group is operating on the assumption that DSA Madison members will have no interest in supporting candidates in the Republican, Libertarian, or Constitution Parties. We will only be providing advice on candidates running for the Democratic Party nomination.

Candidate links below represent website, and social media links found for each candidate. If links are missing, we were not able to find them.

(I) – Current incumbent

United States Senator

The primary for US Senator is a very crowded field with the winner expected to take on Ron Johnson.

Mandela Barnes Web FB Flickr Insta Tiktok Twitter Youtube wiki

Current Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barns seems to be monied interests least favorite candidate and has been getting lots of right wing style attacks from the other candidates. He has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders, State Senator Francesca Hong, MADSA-Endorsed Madison City Councilors Brian Benford and Yanette Figueroa Cole, and MADSA-Endorsed Madison School Board member Ananda Mirilli. Union endorsements: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, American Federation of Teachers MATC Local 212 and Service Employees International Union Wisconsin Healthcare

Tom Nelson Web FB Insta LinkedIn Twitter wiki Youtube

Nelson has withdrawn from the race and endorsed Mandela Barns

Sarah Godlewski Web FB Insta Twitter wiki

Sarah Godlewski has no known endorsements from labor or progressive candidates.

Alex Lasry Web FB Insta Twitter wiki Youtube 

Lasry has very little prior political experience, he is best known as being the son of Marc Lasry, the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. Lasry has been endorsed by the Teamsters Local 39, IATSE Local 18, Electrical Workers 494, IBW Local 890. 

Kou C. Lee Web FB Insta Twitter Youtube

Kou C. Lee has no known endorsements.

Steven Olikara Web FB Instagram LinkedIn Twitter

Steven Olikara has been endorsed by Andrew Yang and the singer Akon (who hopes to build a cryptocurrency-fueled city in Senegal).

Peter Peckarsky Web FB Twitter

Peckarsky has no known notable endorsements.

Darrell Williams Web FB Instagram Twitter Youtube

Williams states on his website he wants to support military and law enforcement and has no known notable endorsements. 

Lt. Governor

Peng Her Web FB

Sara Rodriguez Web FB Twitter

Both running on their credentials as supporters of small business

Secretary of State

Doug La Follette (I) Web Twitter LinkedIn Wiki

Alexia Sabor Web FB Twitter

Wants to use the position’s place on the board of commissioners of public lands (BPCL) to “consolidate assets” and create “larger tracts of forest for critical habitats”

State Treasurer

Gillian M. Battino Web FB Twitter 

Aaron Richardson Web FB Twitter

Angelito Tenorio Web FB Twitter Instagram

Tenorio is endorsed by State Senator Francesca Hong

Assembly District 43 (Oregon, Edgerton, Whitewater)

League of Women Voters Questionnaire 

Jenna Jacobson Web FB LinkedIn 

Supports abortion and gender affirming care.

Matt McIntyre 

Ex-Mayor of Edgerton 

Assembly District 46 (Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove, Stoughton)

League of Women Voters Questionnaire 

Syed Abbas Web, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter

Madison City Council President Syed Abbas ran against MADSA-endorsed candidate Tessa Echevarria for city council in the last election.  Abbas has been endorsed by former mayor Paul Soglin.

Analiese Eicher Web, FB, Twitter

Dane County Board Supervisor (currently District 3, formerly District 5) Analiese Eicher has no known notable endorsements.

Andrew Hysell Web, FB, Insta, LinkedIn, Twitter 

Andrew Hysell has been endorsed by the Wisconsin Democratic Party, the American Constitution Society (which is currently headed by Russ Feingold), and the Wisconsin Cannabis Association.

Mike Jacobs

Mike Jacobs has no known endorsements.

Melissa Ratcliff Web, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter

Melissa Ratcliff has been endorsed by Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and former sheriff Dave Mahoney.  Ratcliff is known to be a supporter of the jail expansion project.

Assembly District 79 (Middleton, Waunakee, northwest)

League of Women Voters Questionnaire

Alex Joers Web, FB, Insta, Twitter

Dane County Board Supervisor (District 9) Alex Joers has been endorsed by Dane County Executive Joe Parisi.

Brad Votava Web, LinkedIn

Brad Votava has no known endorsements.

Assembly District 80 (Belleville, Mt. Horeb, New Glarus)

League of Women Voters Questionnaire 

Mike Bare Web, FB, Insta, LinkedIn, Twitter 

Dane County Board Supervisor Mike Bare has been endorsed by AFSCME.  Bare has also been notably consistently responsive to DSA members’ queries about criminal justice issues.

Anna Halverson Web, FB, Insta, Twitter

Anna Halverson has no known notable endorsements.

Chad Kemp Web, FB, Twitter

Chad Kemp has no known notable endorsements.

Doug Steinberg

Doug Steinberg has no known endorsements.

Dale Edward Paul Yurs FB, Instagram

Dale Edward Paul Yurs has no known notable endorsements.

Unopposed Races

Governor, Attorney General, US Congress Representative District 2, Dane County Sheriff as well as several State Senate and State Assembly Races only have one candidate.

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