Madison-Area COVID-19: Fast Facts and Resources

Updates about the spread of COVID-19 in our community, the news stories about how it’s affecting Madison, Dane County, and Wisconsin, and information about how to help the situation come at us hard and fast every day. We’ve pulled together key resources and news about how COVID-19 is affecting our civic lives in Madison, and will update the page daily with new data about its spread in Wisconsin. A document with more in-depth news updates and available resources is available here.

Note: County and State data may not match due to being collected separately, and not shared and updated simultaneously.

Data as of December 7

Dane County Data Dashboard

  • Total cases in Dane County: 29,123
  • Total deaths in Dane County: 103
  • Total tests administered in Dane County: 688,581

Wisconsin COVID-19 Data Dashboard

  • Total cases in Wisconsin: 412,177
  • Total deaths in Wisconsin: 3,719
  • Total tests administered in Wisconsin: 2,608,899

COVID-19 Planning infographic with demographic information


Mutual Aid & Relief Efforts

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