Extended Stay America

“I currently live at the extended stay America. I was supposed to move into my apartment in April 1st, but that fell through. Now that my money is tied up into an apartment and am waiting for a refund I am unable to pay rent here. I am out of work as well and waiting for unemployment.

So they have told me I must move out with total disregard for tenants rights. I have been here for over 60 days, so I know my rights. They harass me daily insisting I am wrong and that I need to move out and that they are filing in court Monday (or whatever the next business day is), which they cannot do.

I have also told them I’m happy to give then what gets refunded to me hopefully next week. They keep telling me that the next business day is the deadline, when the deadline is actually whenever the court allows them to evict me. I feel for people who do not know the laws and end up leaving.

They also tried to get me to move into a different room so that my tenancy is voided and the time starts all over again. Therefore, if I didn’t pay rent they can just have the police remove me. It’s just shady as heck! They gave me a 5 day notice and when that was up told me that was all they needed to do in order for me to have to leave.

Aside from that, the office staff does not practice social distancing. In the past two weeks at least 4 staff members have left. Have they been diagnosed? Were they sick? Were they fired for not doing what has been asked of them putting their own personal safety at risk? We will never know.

At any rate, they now changed the cleanings from weekly to every other week stating social distancing. They shouldn’t be cleaning at all! No cleaning person should be forced to step foot in a person’s room unless they have checked out entirely. The staff is not being provided with any masks. Just gloves. Two cleaning people, at least one office staff member, and the fulltime maintenance person is gone.

Now as of 4/10 they have signs up about not communing in the lobby and only one person in the elevator. Either way, I’m not sure what is worse- them trying to force people out in the midst of a pandemic or them not providing all safety measures possible for their staff.”

Extended Stay America – Madison – Old Sauk Road
Email: mwe[at]extendedstay[dot]com

Extended Stay America – Madison – Junction Court
Email: mdw[at]extendedstay[dot]com

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