Colonial Property Management

“No notices about easing rent or late fees. No easing sublet requirements (which put the onus on the renter and holds them responsible for rent and damages from subletter).”

Colonial Property Management

Randall Park Rentals
Phone: (608) 251-2715
Fax: (608) 251-4443
Email: randallpark[at]cmanagement[dot]net

Capitol Park Apartments
Phone: (608) 467-2001
Fax: (608) 467-2977

Skyview Apartments
Phone: (608) 245-0753
Fax: (608) 819-8781
Email: skyview[at]cmanagement[dot]net

Oakview Garden Apartments
Phone: (608) 837-8369
Fax: (608) 837-2703
Email: oakview[at]cmanagement[dot]net

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2 thoughts on “Colonial Property Management

  1. Awful management company. Terrible responsiveness. Do not expect to get your security deposit back. Do not rent from them.


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