Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD)

“Until recently, the company provided all employees a timecode to use if we couldn’t work due to COVID-19, including being ill, taking care of an ill family member, or taking care of children who could no longer go to school. As of April 6, the timecode was retired and employees are now left with using their PTO or short-term disability (which does not take effect until after a week of using PTO). Some employees can work from home, but those who are required to work in-lab that develop symptoms will now have to choose between paying their bills or self-quarantining if they don’t have enough PTO.”

PPD Letter
Text of the email announcing the new COVID-19 policy

Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD)
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2 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD)

  1. I used to work here, in the lab. The pay is low and management treat employees like garbage.

    In addition to this article, the PPD campus in Madison is NOT working on covid-19 projects.
    They are continuing to generate profits, putting their employees and the public at risk.

    In continuing testing, they are using up critical reagents and supplies needed for crucial testing, and consumables that are desperately needed by hospitals.

    PPD represents everything wrong with capitalism and for-profit healthcare.


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